Proactive & Discreet Safety for Women

Now available on iOS (Official) and Android (BETA)
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Take control of your safety

Leave uncomfortable situations, discreetly deter harassers, and contact help

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  • ultimate control

    The screen turns black when you hold down the blue button. Release your finger anytime to trigger an incoming simulated phone call to come in.

  • Deter onlookers

    A personalized caller ID & ringtone deceives any onlookers. Audio with deterring dialogue plays on the other side of the call ("I have your location, see you soon"). The incoming simulated call can also be used as an excuse to leave uncomfortable situations.

  • contact help with ease

    Use the color-coded alert buttons within the simulated call to send alert messages with your location to emergency contacts. The app records video and audio immediately after you tap yellow or red.

  • How Guardial Works

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      Set emergency contacts

      Choose who receives your automated alert messages

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      Trigger an incoming simulated call

      Always have another way to get out of danger. Be able to deter onlookers and discreetly escape uncomfortable situations
      (For example: "I have to take this call, give me a minute")

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      Deter onlookers

      A realistic incoming phone call makes it clear somebody knows where you are and will look out for you

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      Send alert messages

      Tap color-coded buttons within the simulated call to have your contacts track your location in real-time & contact emergency services, all while the app records video and audio.

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      Confirm your safety

      If the call time runs past 5 minutes without confirmation of your safety, an automatic alert will be sent out.

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      Trigger an incoming phone call

      When you hold down the blue button, the screen turns black. When you're ready for the call to come in, release your finger. This ensures that you can trigger an incoming call discreetly.
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      Engage with the call

      Tap Yellow when you feel like something's off. When the threat is obvious, tap Red. The call timer below the name will count down from 5 minutes so you know how much time is left. Then, you will be redirected to a PIN screen to confirm your safety.
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      Confirm your safety with a PIN

      Enter your PIN (set beforehand) to confirm that you are safe. The timer above will count down from 30 seconds and will then automatically send out a text blast to your contacts.
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      Add trusted contacts

      Enter contacts you can trust. The starred contact will be called automatically when you tap Red. 911 can be added as a contact.
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      See the call audio transcript

      Use this function if you'd like to familiarize yourself with the call audio script. The audio can work as a standalone, but you may also interact with it during the call.
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      Automatically call your starred contact (can be 911 or other)
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      Send text blast to your contacts with alert message and location
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      Confirm your safety and end the simulated call
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      Toggle speakerphone on/off